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Welcome to Samplingsounds, your source for WAV Sounds and SoundFonts (Samples in E-mu's Soundfont Format). We have great selection of original sound samples featuring the sounds of classic analog and digital synths, classic keyboards, drums and vocoders.

All of our Soundfonts and WAV Sounds are available for instant download. Order online and use your new sound sample libraries in seconds. Click above to enter our site or use the quick links below.

SoundFont or WAV? Will it work with your sampler?

Our sample library supports 99.9% of all software and hardware samplers on the market today. From Emagic's EXS 24 to Korg Triton, Steinberg's Halion Sampler to Akai Sampling Keyboards.  Our sampling formats comparison chart makes it easy to find the right sound library for your digital sampler.

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